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Terrance Grace has been working in film and television for nearly twenty years. After graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and before crossing over into dramatic fiction; Terrance continued his exploration of film as a ‘moving painting’ with The Pool and Letters From Home. Both films used the medium as an abstract tool in order to highlight deeply personal and emotional themes.

Terrance adapted Maurice Blanchot’s novela The Madness Of The Day into a startling tour de force for Wooster Group actor Michael Kirby. Mr. Ahmed brought a heightened naturalism to this original story of an Indian immigrant’s search for self in rural Pennsylvania. Starring internationally renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah, it garnered several awards and was called an enigmatic masterpiece by The Times Of India.

Terrance has also worked extensively as a documentarian for several international television networks. His work can be seen in the award-winning film Born Again Primitive, an intimate portrayal of Russell Means, the American Indian Movement activist; Huntsville, TX, an examination of the death penalty in the USA; and Sawt-e-Sarmad, an abstract journey through the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, which was screened as part of the Spirit of Fes national tour in 2004.

As a screenwriter, Terrance has had six, feature-length dramatic scripts optioned. His work as a visual artist, photographer and writer, explores emotionally-charged subjects that cross cultural boundaries. His central focus within the narrative thread is the psychology of character, and its expression through the sensual texture of light and sound.

He is currently adapting his original screenplay, “The Locksmith,” into a 5 issue graphic novel series. For more information on the project please take a look here: http://thelocksmith.me

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Film and Television
The Death of Socrates (segment director, writer), 2010
Sawt-e-Sarmad (co-producer, director, writer), 2004
Huntsville, TX (director, editor), 2003
Mr. Ahmed (producer, director, writer), 1995 *
The Madness of the Day (producer, director, writer), 1991 **
Born Again Primitive (cinematographer), 1987
The Pool (producer, director, writer), 1986
Letters From Home (producer, director, writer), 1984

* Best Narrative Film: Atlanta Film Festival
Special Jury Prize: San Francisco Film Festival
Juror’s Merit Award: Sinking Creek Film Festival
** Silver Star Award: Sacramento Film Festival

Feature Screenplays
The Chinese Angle
The Locksmith
Spanish Moss
A Greater Good
Quitting India
Bring Me The Head Of Rajiv Patel

“The Locksmith” is currently being adapted into a graphic novel, with artwork by Silvio Db and Terrance Grace. Check out the preview here: TheLocksmith.me

Logline: In this graphic novel-like thriller, a cop discovers an open door to the undead and is thrust into a journey back into his own past, in order to save the world from destruction.

Synopsis: There is a room inside an old tenement building in the Bronx. Inside the room is a doorway that leads to another dimension where past, present and future exist simultaneously.

This gateway must remain protected – By The Locksmith.

The problem is – Santiago, The Locksmith, has died. The power is unleashed. What was once dead, seeks life. And that is just the beginning… And possibly end of the world – And the universe.

While investigating the sudden and inexplicable murder of his own brother, Detective Mick Fagan uncovers a strange series of inexplicable events, all leading back to the Bronx apartment.

He soon becomes convinced that he too is somehow part of this mystery, and joins forces with Santiago’s family in trying to contain what lurks beyond the doorway.

A secret organization manages the hundreds of doorways around the world. But this one is different. What was once just the spirit of the undead seeking life, is now a power growing beyond what they have seen before. The room is now at the center of an ever-growing black hole of time, sweeping all that has ever existed, away.

Fagan now knows that he alone holds the key to the doorway… And that key is something that happened to him as a child: His mother’s suicide. In an amazing journey back through a jungle of pre-history – Fagan is witness to his own death and rebirth within the evolution of the universe.

He revisits the guilty demon inside, unlocking himself from the past… Saving the universe from certain destruction – And becoming the new Locksmith.